Boarding-house and apartments U Krysi - the view from outside
We welcome guests from Poland and abroad to our house, located at the foot of the Tatras Mountains in a picturesque village Witów, in which we have for you: traditional wooden boarding-house and highlander apartment. The house with a large garden situated 60m away from the road provides silence during the visit.

For our guests we offer:
  • highlander-style apartment with two bedrooms for 2 and 3 guests. The apartment has 2 fully equipped bathrooms, a huge hall with a kitchen for cooking. The hall is also a good place for getting together- there is a TV and audio equipment. There is a possibility of setting extra beds in the apartment

  • double room with bathroom and kitchenette right next to them. In the room, there are: beds, chairs, tables, wardrobes. The living room next to the bedroom is equipped with a fridge, a table with chairs and a TV set.

Boarding-house and apartments U Krysi - the view from outside
In addition, we offer you:
  • playground for children
  • grill
  • free private parking
  • discounts for children
  • the possibility of tasting homemade food, including cheese and milk
  • passage to Czarny Dunajec river directly from home
  • possibility of organizing a sleigh ride in the winter and travel in a carriage in the summer
  • assistance in planning trips and taking advantage of the cultural offer in the area

We cooperate with major regional thermal pools complex "Chochołowskie Termy" and guarantee for our guests additional 10% discount on all types of tickets.

Our partner - 'Chochołowskie Termy'
  • 300 m - shop
  • 300 m - Czarny Dunajec river
  • 400 m - Chocholowskie Termy Water Park
  • 500 m - Szatanowa Rola ski lift
  • 1,5 km - Uboc ski lift
  • 2,5 km - ski resort Witów-ski
  • 3 km border-crossing to Slovakia
  • 3 km forests abound in mushrooms and berries
  • 6 km Chochołowska & Kościeliska valley
  • 10 km - Oravice Water Park
  • 12 km - Zakopane